Reconciling Church


The First United Methodist Church of Alamosa is a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network of United Methodists.

Our congregation celebrates the diversity of God's creation by creating a community where all people, regardless of age, race, gender identity, ethnic background, physical and mental challenges, socioeconomic status, educational background, marital status, or sexual orientation, are welcome.

All are invited for worship, fellowship, service, full membership and leadership in our church.

In the words of John Wesley, "If your heart is with my heart, take my hand. With open hearts, open minds, and open doors, we will share Christ's love with the world.


"What it means to be a reconciling church

Over 200 years ago, John Wesley wrote these words as the only Statement of Belief that United Methodists needed: "If your heart is with my heart, then take my hand. That covers a lot of territory.

It means that we welcome people of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds into ministry with us.

It means that we welcome people of all gender identities and sexual orientations, and those who are questioning.

It means that we welcome people of many lifestyles”single, married, widowed, divorced, separated or living together.

It means that we welcome people with different political beliefs and faith histories.

It means that we welcome people with all kinds of life experience, including those who have been injured either physical or emotionally by the trials life can bring.

We are all struggling together to understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Fortunately, The church of Jesus Christ is wide enough, high enough, deep enough and broad enough to include all who are trying to live their lives after his example.

So join us on the journey!


Sunday Worship 10:15 AM
Children's Sunday School 10:30 AM


Chancel Choir &  Bell Choir


Meets the second Tuesday of the month in the Memorial Room at NOON--starting back up September 10th.


We have a variety of groups from across our Conference and the States that we house during the summer for missions/mission work and service here in the valley.


Meets every Monday from 5:30-8:30pm


Meets every Wednesday at NOON. 


Adult Confirmation Class starting in the fall
                     Email if you're interested in joining!

"Social Principles" Study Small Group starting in the fall.


Check out their website and our "La Puente" tab for more information.