Dear FUMC Alamosa Family,

           This past Wednesday (February 26th ) we observed Ash Wednesday—the kick off of our forty day wilderness journey. It’s a rare season in the Church, by those who observe it, where we allow ourselves to sit with the hard stuff—grief, self-denial, shame, guilt, and of course sin. I went to visit some Methodists on Ash Wednesday in my clerical collar and was met with, “I don’t do ashes, I’m not Catholic.” After I brushed off my smile, thinking it was a compliment to be mistaken for a Catholic priest, I said, “Well, neither am I, but these ashes help ground me and remind me of my mortality and the hope we have in Christ.” And then we prayed together.

Rituals seem weird for those outside of their observance and practice. And that’s fine, not all rituals are for everyone, but for those who need them, they’re there as tangible and aesthetic practices and spiritual disciplines to assist us in our walk with Christ. The Lenten season ushers in several rituals of its own: fasting, meditating on Scripture, Confession, and denial. We take our lead from the narrative of Christ entering into the wilderness for forty days.

For those of us who observe, even in part, these rituals and disciplines, have to balance the delicate duality and contradiction that comes along with Lent: mortality and eternity, death and resurrection, self-denial and being made full. Spoken word poet Micah Bournes’ work Dry Bones is my current obsession. (you can find it on youtube here: ( ). In it he talks about the need for our ritual, our confession and prayer to be sincere… “Don’t call yourself speaking the truth if all you do is confess, complain, if your aim is only to get it all out then you’ll finish feeling empty, not relieved.”

Speaking truth and discovering the truth we need in our lives is the heavy work of dealing with grief and guilt and self-denial—removing ourselves from the elevated places we place ourselves over time, feeling good about the good works we do, about the good things we participate in and advocate for, to remember that all of this…will one day go away. And not find despair in the temporary reality, but hope. Finding hope in removing ourselves, denying our denial about what we can do so we can seek and find what God does do and continues to do now and tomorrow in our lives and in the world around us.

Micah continues in his piece with words of hope that I definitely need to carry me through these next forty days: “Resurrection, is our only hope. Not merely souls floating through a golden city in the sky, but corpses rising from the grave, scattered ashes reconvening into human beings and breathing again, hearts beating again, God speaking again, proclaiming it is good, again, and forever.” As we wrestle with wilderness spaces, dry bones, and dusty bodies, may we find forgiveness and pardon. May we seek sincerity and mercy. May we truly seek to be transformed. Christ, in your mercy. And may your self-denial not be a denial of the hope God has set before you to join Christ in a journey of growth and grace to be made more perfect in God’s image.

Happy Lent, friends,

                 Reverend Amber Mitts




The Grapevine








March Calender of Events

3/1               11:30am     Church Life Committee Meeting- Library

                    FOOD BANK DONATION GATHERING——-3/1/20

3/2               5:30pm   Nurturing Parents- Kitchen/ FH/Gym

3/4               12pm   AA -Memorial Room

                     6:00pm        Bell Choir Rehearsal-  Sanctuary

                     7:00pm          Chancel Choir-  Sanctuary

3/6                7:30am   Church and Society -Efs Restaurant

3/9                12pm            Trustees Meeting –Library

                      5:30pm   Nurturing Parents- Kitchen/ FH/Gym

3/10              12pm   UMW Meeting (Special Guest Speaker)-Mem Rm

3/11               12pm   AA -Memorial Room

6:00pm          Bell Choir Rehearsal-  Sanctuary

7:00pm          Chancel Choir-  Sanctuary

3/13               12pm   WCC –Memorial Room

3/15               11:30am   Ad Council—Library

3/18               1:00pm   Finance Meeting– Library

3/22               11:30am   Social Principles Forum—Library


Weekly Recurring meetings:

Mondays: Nurturing Parents (5:30 pm) Kitchen / Hallways/ Gym

Wednesdays: Alcoholics Anonymous (12:00pm) Memorial Room

      Bell Choir (6:00 pm) Sanctuary
     Chancel Choir (7:00 pm) Sanctuary

March Birthdays

3rd     Nancy Minow

8th      Tyler Christensen

16th    Chance Padilla

18th    Hazel Petty

20th    Greg Gillaspie

23rd     Mary Morin

28th   Donna Fritzsche

30th   Inez Oaks


 Church Meetings

Church & Society             March 6th at 7:30am

AD Council                      March 15th at 11:30am

Trustees                             March 9th at 12:00pm

Staff Meeting                    March 30th at 10:00am

Finance                             March 18th at 1:00pm



New Year…New Mission Statement!

From a past AD council decision and a church vote with those gathered after our called Church conference in January, you’ll notice a change on the front of your bulletins. Coming out of discussions in the adult Sunday School class, a proposal was made to add “grace,” and “love” in our motto/mission statement. Starting this month you’ll start seeing our shift toward …

“Building Christian Community By Sharing Gods Love and Grace “

May this be a comfort and a challenge to us in our witness and ministry here at FUMC Alamosa!


Hi parents!

How are we in March already? I really appreciate everyone being kind, and understanding about my absences. I know it’s been kind of crazy with me being gone, but let’s just keep up the good work. I love having your kiddos in class, so please keep bringing them! This month we are moving into spring time, and I have some new activities planned for them. I would really like us to be a more hands on group. I’m thinking of helping more around the church our community, and really spreading our love for Jesus. If you have any ideas please let me know! Also parents please remember to send kids in jackets. Now that it is warmer, I want to try and do some lessons outside. Again thank you for all of your patience and understanding. I’m looking forward to another great month with you all!

Jordan H.




 We read or watch on the news and see communities overwhelmed by natural

disaster. We hear about humanitarian crises arising from civil unrest and war. We know that

famine and drought are caused by climate change and see in our own community signs of

food insecurity. And, of course, when we are also in the midst of our own suffering, it is hard

to see beyond our own needs to help someone else. It can seem like too much. How could

we possibly make a difference? How can our limited resources make a dent in the seemingly

never-ending need of the world? We begin to shut out the reminders of suffering. We

become blind. We willfully ignore the great needs of our siblings in Christ. But the reality is

that as followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to respond with extravagant grace. Just as

Jesus invited the disciples into the work saying, “We must do the works of him who sent me.”

Through the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), we can make a difference in

the lives of communities and individuals whose lives have been upended by storms, wars,

climate change, and displacement. Through UMCOR, we see the impact of extravagant

grace through the generosity of United Methodists. UMCOR lives out signs of Christ’s

extravagant grace in the world by prayerfully working with communities that are

overwhelmed by natural or man-made disasters. UMCOR builds on the strengths of what is

already available in a community and actively involves the people affected in recovery

efforts. One of the wonderful aspects of The United Methodist Church is that we can do so

much more together than we ever could do on our own – and through our connection

UMCOR has been doing this for 80 years. By mobilizing trained volunteers who are already

living in the community, purchasing emergency supplies and food from local merchants and

channeling funds through trusted partners who are already on the ground, UMCOR is

uniquely positioned to respond quickly after a disaster and to remain invested in rebuilding,

even after these needs are no longer in the news. Recovery is a long-process for individuals

and communities. UMCOR also works with communities to train leaders to address

infrastructure concerns, climate change and environmental degradation. The special offering

received on UMCOR Sunday helps support the small but impactful UMCOR staff who are

specialists in disaster response and recovery. Funds also ensure adequate training for

emergency response coordinators, construction volunteers, and case managers who assist

victims of disasters, chain saw gangs and sheetrock installers. Because we join our church’s

offerings with those of United Methodist congregations around the world, UMCOR remains

strong in its day-to-day operations. When needs are immediate, UMCOR can respond

quickly and efficiently with signs of extravagant grace and expert assistance. Let us continue

to minister together. ALL money given through this special offering goes to the people in

need. Please Give Generously!!! UMCOR Sunday will be March 22. There will be special

offering envelops in the worship bulletins. OR MAIL A CHECK TO:     GCFA

P.O. Box 340029

Please put the name of the Special Sunday in the note section of the check           Nashville, Tennessee 37203



Ongoing Social Principles Study


What are the Social Principles of the United Methodist

Church? “The Social Principles are an expression of the

common ground we share, reflecting our priorities and

helping us learn about and advocate for vulnerable

peoples and a vulnerable world.” The Church and Society

Ministry Team planned a series of study sessions on the

Social Principles. The first was held on October 13 and the

second on Dec. 15 of last year. Our next forum covers the

third section of the Social Principles, The Social Community,

on March 22, 11:30 am in the Memorial Room. This section

deals with rights of individuals and concerns with current

issues in society. We have had two great learning and

sharing sessions and this one will continue in that tradition.

You would be most welcome whether or not you

participated in the first two. A light lunch will be provided.

We will be using a Study Guide, “Social Principles of the

United Methodist Church 20017-2020”.

If you have a copy from the first two forums, please bring it.

If you did not get a copy yet, more copies available. Ask

Neil Rudolph to obtain a copy. It is helpful to read the

section covered before you come to the forum. We are

looking forward to struggling with the principles together.

Wee Care News

I would like to thank the ladies from the Women’s Citizenship Club who have orchestrated a Dr. Seuss celebration for the Wee Care children.

           On March 2nd the ladies will be coming in to read books to the children , to donate Dr. Seuss books to the center & give a book to each child to take home! A book is always a great gift, but even greater gift is to read to a child!

Then we will get ready for St. Patrick’s Day by learning about the color green, (which is made by mixing blue and yellow) and the shape of a shamrock, (which is actually three hearts put together). We will even make our own rainbows as part of a science lesson. During the month of March is when we also learn about wind (we have plenty of that) and the shape of a diamond (which is made by putting two triangles together). Most of our learning opportunities are what we call, “Ah ha!” moments. When the children start mixing two colors and see a new color appear they say, “Ah ha!” When you show them how to arrange and glue three hearts on a page and it makes a shamrock, they say Ah, ha! When they fill a baggie with water and hold it up to a window with the sun shinning through and they see a rainbow on the wall, they will certainly say, “Ah, ha!” When we are making kites and give them two or even four triangles to arrange and glue on the paper they say, “Ah, ha”. And we say, “Ah, ha”, you just had a geometry lesson! Learning is best absorbed when it is fun and engaging!

Watch out for Leprechauns




Just wanted to update the committee in regards to the next upcoming meeting. Tis the season for Graduation Parties, Baby showers ,Venue Reservations and what not so with much appreciation Kay stopped in to check the calendar dates , Looks like the best date for Church Life meeting will be Sunday, March 1st  (After Service) @ 11:30am 

(Any Questions or concerns please call the office 719.589.2243 or email at






Alamosa United Methodist Women


Noon in the Memorial Room


United Methodist Women will meet in the Memorial Room at noon on Tuesday, Please join us to share in fellowship and spiritual growth. 
All women of the church and their friends are invited to share Love, Faith and Hope in Action

The Western Jurisdiction of United Methodist Women is holding their Quadrennial Event in Tempe, AZ. April 17-19, 2020.  The theme is "Calling u 2020"  There will be many workshops and activities to suit a variety of interests as well as inspiring worship services and fellowship opportunities. The Keynote Speaker is Professor Katharine Hayhoe, of Texas Tech University, an atmospheric scientist with a Christian perspective on science, particularly related to climate change. Registration and more information is available at Our local UMW has scholarships to help with expenses


Lent/Holy Week Services and Events

for 2020

Worship, fasting, prayer, remembrance

Holy Week Services                      6-11 April 2020

Monday-Friday                             12 pm              Midday Service of Word & Reflection

Maundy Thursday                        7pm             Service of Word and Anointing

Good Friday                                 7pm            Good Friday Service

Holy Saturday                             12pm           Midday Service of Prayer & Silence


Stations service:

24 March 2020


Lenten Book Study :          

Blue Note Preaching in a Post- Soul    Word, Otis Moss III  

Thursdays in the Library @ 4:30pm















The adult Sunday school class will begin a new book, “The Sins of Scripture” by John Shelby Spong on January 5.  Rev. Spong addresses some of the hard texts of the Bible to “uncover the God of love beneath the Bible’s texts of terror”. 

We meet at 9 am in the church library and invite anyone interested to join us.  Please order your own books.  We plan to read chapter 1 and 2 for January 5 and hope to cover 2 or 3 chapters a week (two weeks per section).  If you miss some weeks, that is fine; just jump in and we will get the word out on our progress.










Prayers for:                                       Needs:                                     Relationship:

Tricia Schneider                             Health Issues                           Wife of David Schneider

Ed Stoermer                                   Health Issues                           Family of Helen Taylor

Janice Robison                              Health Issues                           Mother of Beth Robison

Sue                                                Health Issues                           Friend of Helen Taylor

Kip Owen                                      Health Issues                            Friend of Janet Camp

Peter & Jill Cznoski                      Health Issues                            Friends of Theresa Rudder

Shandi Hajek                                Health Issues Family                Friend of Helen Taylor & Daughter

Rev. Margaret Gillikin                   Health Issues                            FUMC Family

Glen Bunch                                                                                    FUMC Family

Rachel Oliver                                                                                 FUMC Family
Dena Stoermer                             Health Issues                           Family of Helen Taylor

Paul Stoermer, Jr.                         Health Issues                           Family of Helen Taylor
Aaron Stoermer                            Life Transfusion                        Family of Helen Taylor
Holly Felmlee and family                                                               FUMC Family
Veronica Starcher and family                                                        FUMC Family
Those traveling for the holidays

Johnathan Richards and mom Car accident Neighbor
John and Kristine Taylor
Kathleen Hall
Dave G.
Mary Good(e)
Janet Meyers
Sarah Lander’s family

John Osterhaus


Taylor & Landen Nye                             DonStegman’s Grandchildren

Nathan Cross/Cameron Christensen

   Bob & Judy Irvine’s Grandson

  Erik & Janine Christensen Son


For the prayer chain, contact the church office 719-589-2243 or email @



























Sunday Worship 10:15 AM
Children's Sunday School 10:30 AM
Currently all meetings and gatherings are suspended or postponed until it is safe and responsible for us to gather again. Until then, most are happening via email or zoom, or redirected from the leaders of that group. Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns about any of our ministries or groups during the pandemic. 

You can also stay more closely up to date through our email chain (let us know if you'd like updates),
 or through our Facebook page (FUMC Alamosa) Thank you!



Chancel Choir &  Bell Choir  on Wednesdays


Meets the second Tuesday of the month in the Memorial Room at NOON--starting back up September 10th.


We have a variety of groups from across our Conference and the States that we house during the summer for missions/mission work and service here in the valley.


Meets every Monday from 5:30-8:30pm


Meets every Wednesday at NOON. 


"Social Principles" Study Small Group March 22

Adult Sunday School Every Sunday at 9:00am

LENT BOOK STUDY Blue Note Preaching in a Post Soul World, by Otis Moss III Every Thursday at 4:30pm
Starting March 5th*


Check out their website and our "La Puente" tab for more information.